Our People

The work we accomplish at City Roots is made possible by the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, members, staff, and board. Through democratic processes and membership input, City Roots works to keep community voices, ideas, and visions at the forefront of the work. 

Our Members

The success City Roots has had since its founding in 2016 would not have been as successful without the countless volunteer hours, committee meetings, community events, rehab projects, and more that our members have committed to attending and participating in throughout the years. City Roots’ membership numbers are always on the rise and we thank everyone for their commitment to City Roots’ values and mission for a better Rochester. As a democratic organization, our success is dependent on a strong, committed membership who help us work toward our visions and goals.

By participating in our membership, individuals are invited to attend our volunteer events, various committee meetings, board meetings, and more.

At City Roots’ annual meeting, members who live within the city of Rochester are directly responsible for voting in board members and voting for or against any By Law changes proposed by the board.

Our Board 

Our board reflects that of a traditional community land trust with a tripartite board consisting of 

1) CLT Resident Representatives: Individuals that are Land Trust residents and live in City Roots CLT housing, or are elected to represent CLT residents. These representatives bring knowledge and real-life stories that are valuable to the CLT.

2) General Community Representatives: Individuals that live in the communities where City Roots CLT works. These individuals bring valuable knowledge of the community at large.

3) Public Representatives: Most of these individuals are professionally employed in a related field and have prior board experience. They often provide valuable knowledge of resources that can be utilized by the CLT.

Control of the CLT’s board is balanced to ensure that the community as a whole considers and determines the priorities of the organization and all interests are heard but no interest is predominant.

2022-2023 Board Members & Terms

Our Staff

Graham Hughes, Director

Graham grew up in the Syracuse area and moved to Rochester after he graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2017 to work for RMAPI. Before joining City Roots as a staff member, Graham completed his Master's Degree in Adult Education & Community Development at the University of Toronto. He has been a member of City Roots since November 2017.