Our Land

What is a Community Land Trust?

A community land trust (CLT) is a nonprofit organization that ensures affordable housing and community control over land. The type of property in a CLT can be commercial, single family, rental units, community green space, and more. Property is placed into a CLT through donation, grant funding, grassroots organizing, etc. From there, the land trust is responsible for maintaining the space and, if it is a housing opportunity, offering it at an affordable rate. In practice, a CLT will buy a rental property, rehabilitate the space so it’s up to code and a quality place to live, and then rent the space out to community members at an affordable price. Community land trusts also provide homeownership opportunities. When a CLT home is available for purchase it means that the property on the land is for sale, but that the land itself that the building sits on is still in the land trust. A contract of this nature is done so that when people resell the property, a resale formula is used to keep the home at an affordable price for a future homeowner to afford. CLTs are thus able to ensure that homes are permanently affordable even when market rate development and gentrification increase the price of other homes in the same area.

CLT’s are also community based organizations. They are committed to the community members they serve and are often involved in more than just affordable housing work. Partnerships with local organizations allow CLTs to develop the entire community, not just the houses they purchase. Food security, youth employment opportunities, and education are just a few ways that CLT’s offer a wide range of services to their community members. In this way, CLT’s deliver both permanent affordable housing and community transformations.

How can I live on CLT land?

City Roots Community Land Trust seeks to help those who otherwise may not be able to buy a home at market price become owners of quality, affordable homes. We have a few qualifications for those looking to buy a CLT home:

If you believe you meet these qualifications, we encourage you to apply to be a homeowner the next time we have a home available for sale. 

When we have a home available to purchase, we will announce it here, as well as on social media. We'll also send out emails to those on our email list and let partner organizations and the media know.

City Roots currently has the following properties in its permenant portfolio: