Our Values


Quality land and housing should be afforded to all Rochesterians. City Roots preserves and increases the number of homes, rental properties, and community opportunities that are permanently affordable for future generations of Rochester families.


City Roots works with members of the community and local partners to address displacement and implement community driven solutions in Rochester.


City Roots works to imagine a Rochester that is sustainable for all Rochesterians through democratic community control. When we envision a community that is in harmony & collaborating to find solutions that benefits everyone, we envision a better future. 

The smile on my daughter’s face expresses how we enjoy living in this home. As a single parent, City Roots provides a safe and healthy environment for my daughter, our pets and I to enjoy spending time together in a secure home. We love the great features the apartment came with, and the speedy time they fix any problems we may have. We thank the CLT for the opportunity to live in such a lovely apartment.

Ana Martinez

Lessee member since 2020