City Roots Community Land Trust was founded in 2016 and works to establish and promote permanent affordability, development without displacement,  and community wealth building within Rochester, NY.

Our Mission:

As a community-driven organization we work to establish and promote permanently affordable, equitable housing in Rochester, ensuring development without displacement by empowering neighbors, having the community both own and manage land, and bridging socioeconomic divisions.

Affordable housing is a human right

Our Vision:

We are a collaborative of homeowners, renters, youth, allies and partners working together to strengthen the Rochester community by cultivating the perspective that socially-owned land can help affirm housing as a human right, build community wealth, and allow for investment in our communities without displacing those who live there.

Our Values


Quality land and housing should be afforded to all Rochesterians. City Roots preserves and increases the number of homes, rental properties, and community opportunities that are permanently affordable for future generations of Rochester families.


City Roots works with members of the community and local partners to address displacement and implement community driven solutions in Rochester.


City Roots works to imagine a Rochester that is sustainable for all Rochesterians through democratic community control. When we envision a community that is in harmony & collaborating to find solutions that benefits everyone, we envision a better future. 

Become a Today!

City Roots Community Land Trust is a member-driver organization. Without the support of our dedicated members, City Roots wouldn’t be the organization we are today. Becoming a member of the Land Trust is easy and affordable for all. Learn more about becoming a member here.


I'm honored to be living in the first CLT home in Rochester.


We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with City Roots CLT and to fulfill our dream of homeownership simultaneously! We look forward to the upcoming decades as part of a like-minded community of neighbors. Thank you for choosing us to be one of the first homeowners in the land trust!

The Primus Family

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City Roots Community Land Trust

If you have any questions about City Roots Community Land Trust, or inquires about living on City Roots Land, feel free to contact us at any time!

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