Why does Rochester need Community Land Trusts?

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Our city has been experiencing crises in housing, food security, policing, violence, unemployment, poverty, and so many other areas of social life for generations now. These crises have always affected BIPOC Communities far more than they have affected white communities. To us, the root cause of these crises is that BIPOC Communities in Rochester have always and continue to be treated as sources of wealth to be extracted from.

Whether it is out of town landlords who charge way too much for terrible quality housing that they never maintain, corporate chains who sell low quality goods and pay poverty wages, or large developers who get massive tax breaks from our governments to build things our community does not need, the driving force is the same. Communities of Color are primarily sources of profit for wealthy, mostly white people who do not come from or care about the people in those communities. This is the root cause of the many problems our community faces, and in order to do anything about it, we need to change who owns and controls resources in our community

Rochester needs a Community Land Trust because the CLT model is uniquely capable of addressing these problems at their root. CLTs take the resources that have been used to exploit our community, specifically land and housing, and puts them under the direct control of our community, for the benefit of our community alone.

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