What other Communities have used CLTs?

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There are more than 260 Community Land Trusts across the United States, and dozens more in other countries around the world! In the 50 years that CLTs have existed, they have done incredible things for the communities that use them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cooperation Jackson

  • Based in Jackson, Mississippi, Cooperation Jackson is a comprehensive effort to build a solidarity economy. They combine the CLT model with various types of cooperatives and autonomous people’s assemblies. CJ is one of the best, most comprehensive, and most radical models of community development anywhere in the world!

Oakland CLT

  • Based in Oakland, California, Oak CLT has done some incredible work with the group Mom’s 4 Housing, a group of moms who occupied a home owned by a giant corporate slumlord in Oakland, and successfully won it’s transfer to the CLT. An incredible example of solidarity and the power of organizing.

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

  • Based in the Dudley Street Neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, DSNI is one of the oldest urban CLTs still in operation today. They have used their CLT, Dudley Neighbors Inc. to facilitate holistic community revitalization, and even won the power of eminent domain for all land in their neighborhood.

Albany CLT

  • Based in Albany, New York, this CLT is also one of the oldest still in operation today. Albany has done incredible work in acquiring, rehabilitating, and preserving permanently affordable housing in the City of Albany since the 1980s. 

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