Tribute to our Members!


The smile on my daughter’s face expresses how we enjoy living in this home. As a single parent, City Roots provides a safe and healthy environment for my daughter, our pets and I to enjoy spending time together in a secure home. We love the great features the apartment came with, and the speedy time they fix any problems we may have. We thank the CLT for the opportunity to live in such a lovely apartment.

Ana Martinez

Lessee member since 2020 and board member

2020 has been a tough year for us all. I lost a family member, attending school full time, remote learning with 2 children and working full time all while in a pandemic. The idea that I would be able to purchase a home in 2020 went completely out of the window. I am excited, grateful and blown away to be selected for this home! Thank you to everyone who has played a part in any way to make this place my family’s new home!

Vanessa Santiago

CLT Homeowner and board member


We need a community land trust in Rochester to build generational wealth and support housing sustainability. I support and partner with City Roots Community Land Trust because they are working to promote development without displacement.

Calvin Eaton

540WMain communiversity & Gentrification Conference Creator

We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with City Roots CLT and to fulfill our dream of homeownership simultaneously! We look forward to the upcoming decades as part of a like-minded community of neighbors. Thank you for choosing us to be one of the first homeowners in the land trust!

Andre & Mabel Primus

CLT Homeowners since 2020

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As a Rochester City Councilmember, I know how critical affordable housing is to our community.  I support City Roots because I believe that a community land trust can be a key tool to promote permanent affordability and home ownership.

Mitch Gruber

City Councilmember

Without a plan to maintain affordable housing we will risk displacing our neighbors, as our city continues to develop. I support City Roots Community Land Trust because its is at the forefront of creating long term housing stability.

Victor Sanchez

Member since 2018


City Roots Community Land Trust has helped me with negotiations of my home. My home that will continue and grow to support other families to obtain the homeownership dream in the Rochester community. And help those who are struggling in this time of great uncertainty just to maintain. The CRCLT has been rock solid in helping tenants to achieve the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act and has been willing to negotiate on the tenants behalf. Working with the City Wide Tenants Union in partnership through the theory of change.

Liz McGriff

First CLT Homeowner and Vice President

Without a plan to create permanent affordability, neighborhood development threatens to displace the residents that make up the fabric of this city. The City Roots Community Land trust is on the front lines of fighting gentrification by sheltering property from speculative developers and putting it under Community control which keeps housing affordable forever. With public and private support, the land trust will succeed in its mission, uplifting our neighborhood and our neighbors along with it!

Mary Lupien

City Councilmember

Councilmember Lupien lending a hand in painting the side of the house!

Working with City Roots has reminded of me how fun community activism can be. I moved to Rochester during the pandemic so I was expecting it to be hard to meet people. But then I found City Roots CLT. Through Zoom calls, property clean ups, and all sorts of other stuff, CR has let me tap into a thriving community of dedicated and kind folks. I’m excited to see what lies ahead. One thing I know is that donuts always sweeten the mood and I’m grateful CR staff always remember that trick!

Clayton Lyons

Member since 2020

The City Roots Land Trust’s vision for community control is exactly what Rochester needs. We need to keep wealth in the hands of the people and continue to challenge systems that allow huge investors to gentrify our communities! I’m proud to be a member of an organization that’s willing to fight for Rochester.

Lisle Coleman

Member since 2019

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