City Roots CLT Bylaws & IRS 990

Read the City Roots Community Land Trust Bylaws here.

Read the City Roots Community Land Trust’s 2021 IRS 990 here.

City Roots CLT Annual Reports

Read the 2021 Annual Report here!

Read the 2020 Annual Report here!

Read the 2019 City Roots Community Land Trust Annual Report here.

Read the 2018 City Roots Community Land Trust Annual Report here

Other Resources and Reports

Read our research here, published in 2020 in partnership with the Environmental Protection Clinic at Yale University, detailing the history of racial covenants and redlining in Rochester.

Read the report here.

This report is organized into three main areas, each of which can play a vital role in minimizing the damage done by vacant and abandoned properties:

  • Prevention of Vacancies – stopping the problem before a property becomes vacant
  • Identification and maintenance of Vacancies – protecting neighborhoods from the dangers of
    abandoned or “zombie” properties
  • Rehabilitation of Vacancies – improving the property and getting it reoccupied as quickly as

The Community Land Trust Technical Manual  by Kirby White provides a comprehensive, practical guide for the ongoing operation of community land trusts as well as for startups. Read the CLT Technical manual here.

Tribute to our Members!

Without a plan to create permanent affordability, neighborhood development threatens to displace the residents that make up the fabric of this city. The City Roots Community Land trust is on the front lines of fighting gentrification by sheltering property from speculative developers and putting it under Community control which keeps housing affordable forever. With public and private support, the land trust will succeed in its mission, uplifting our neighborhood and our neighbors along with it!

Mary Lupien