Established in 2016, the City Roots CLT is a community-driven organization which works to establish and promote permanently-affordable, quality housing in Rochester, NY.

Our Mission:

The City Roots Community Land Trust’s mission is to permanently preserve affordability in Rochester, New York through community owned and managed land, to empower neighbors, and to bridge socioeconomic divisions in order to secure development without displacement.

Our Vision:

The City Roots Community Land Trust vision is to strengthen the Rochester community by cultivating the perspective that land owned by the community can help make housing a human right and affordable for all. We are a collaborative of homeowners, renters, youth, community allies and partners.

Meet Our Board:

Melissa Marquez, President
Elizabeth McGriff, V.P köpa lasix.
Burt Betchart, Treasurer
Dr. Cynthia Cole, Secretary

Find more information about our board here.



Fundraising & Finance & Donations
Joe Di Fiore (chair), Muhhamed Gazali, Liz McGriff, Shane Wiegand, Susan Domina, Dr. Cynthia Cole, Melissa Marquez, Burt Betchart

Community Outreach & Communications
Shane Wiegand (chair), Dr. Cynthia Cole, Joe Di Fiore, Liz McGriff, Tom Silva, Wallace Smith, Jared Yeoman, Allison Dentinger, Graham Hughes

Burt Betchart (chair), Joe Di Fiore, Mary Lupien, Donald Reinert

Policy & Governance
Melissa Marquez (chair), Burt Betchart, Joe Di Fiore, Jim Pergolizzi, Ryan Acuff, Liz McGriff